Prosperity for All
Celo aims to address some of the barriers to cryptoasset adoption such as user experience and volatility by using e-mail addresses and phone numbers as public keys and issuing a native stable coin. As solving these barriers, Celo is ultimately trying to empower anyone with a smartphone anywhere in the world to have access to financial services, send money to phone numbers, and pay merchants.
Celo has two primary crypto assets, Celo and Celo dollars(cUSD). Celo is the Celo blockchain's native assets. Users could participate network consensus, pay for on-chain transactions, and vote on governance decision.


CELO STAKING information
Estimated Reward Rate Validator Commission Reward Frequency Reward Type Unbonding Period
2-5 % 10 % Per epoch
(~1 day)
cUSD 3 days

DSRV’s Validator Address

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  1. 1Amount

  2. 2Estimated

    • daily

      0.10 CELO

    • Weekly

      0.73 CELO

    • monthly

      3.17 CELO

    • yearly

      38.00 CELO

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Celo Staking Guide

Learn how to stake your cryptoassets to earn rewards. If you choose a validator to delegate to, the hard part is over! Follow this step-by-step guide to become a delegator and discover why DSRV is a trusted partner.

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By staking CELO, you can earn staking rewards for validating transactions on the network. Not only will you contribute to creating blocks and reaching a consensus, but the network also becomes more healthy and secure as more tokens get bonded to the network.

When you stake (delegate) to DSRV, you are delegating your voting rights without sharing your private keys. DSRV does not have access to move your funds at any point in time.

A fixed amount of stake put up by a validator and the group elected for the epoch is slashed if a validator in a group misbehaves and/or is negligent. In addition, the validator who double-signs will have their future rewards suppressed, and wll be ejected from its current group.

Celo network targets a flat reward rate determined by the total % staked in the network. The target total staked is 66.66%. Every day where the participation is below this, the rewards rate increases by 1/365. The maximum annual reward rate is 20%. If the target total staked is met, the rewards will gradually decrease. Individual rewards are determined by the target reward rate and by the validator group you have voted for. Additionally, we charge a commission fee of 10% to fund operations and ecosystem growth.

CELO staking is activated at the end of current epoch and the rewards are automatically restaked. Users can unlock at anytime but there is a 3 day unlocking period before withdrawal.