DSRV is a trusted Proof of Stake validator
and infrastructure provider
that serves innovative blockchain networks.

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DSRV protects your digital assets from
hacks and private key losses

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DSRV provides easy way to manage
all your staking and node operations.

CHAISCAN provides data for CHAI payment service of Terra Blockchain
CHAISCAN provides payment data and periodical analysis by merchants

Luna Whale provides data for Luna in Terra Blockchain
Delegation/Undelegation state and Whale Transaction data are displayed in Luna Whale.

Celo Whale provides validator data in Celo network.
By disclosing node information of validators, Celo Whale contributes to the stability of Celo network.

nonceData provides in-depth analysis for Bitcoin data.
Indicators such as MVRV Ratio and UTXO Age are provided.

InterceptXis a post-hack digital asset security system that restores digital assets with lost private keys
and prevents cryptocurrency from being hacked. InterceptX filed 4 patents globally.

DSRV is a validator with a deep understanding of blockchain
and is a key partner of Terra in becoming
the world's largest blockchain payment network."
- Do Kwon, Co-Founder & CEO @ Terra